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The Center offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment of diseases of the ears, nose & throat, such as sinusitis, environmental allergies, hearing loss, ear infections, swallowing disorders, gastroesophageal reflux, sleep apnea, & dizziness.

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Ear Nose and Throat Problems We Help With

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Balloon Dilation

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Nasal Obstruction

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Hearing Loss


Hearing Aids




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Our Staff

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Michael A. Shternfeld

Board Certified Otolaryngologist

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Diane F. Wright

Nurse L.P.N.

M Jeanne Evenson img

M. Jeanne Evenson

Audiologist Au.D. CCC-A

Valerie M. Knorr

Audiologist Au.D. CCC-A

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Lori Doughty


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As Seen On NBC Connecticut

Watch Dr. Michael A. Shternfeld of Manchester ENT discuss the importance of getting your sinus checked on NBC

Machester Hearing Center’s Audiologists have a Professional Affiliation with the University of Connecticut and are Supervisors of Audiology Interns

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Our Facility

Manchester ENT and Manchester Hearing Center is a HIPPA Compliant facility.
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Thousands of Happy Patients

Read about what our patients have said about their Experience at Manchester ENT and Hearing Center. We take great care of all of patients and look forward to taking care of you!

Always take care of my ear issues and are local
Ray B.
I was able to be seen within a few weeks rather than waiting actual months like other offices. My visit was quick but efficient and I was in and out quickly. When they wanted to get testing scheduled I had both tests and a follow up visit scheduled within two weeks. I had allergy testing and was nervous the nurse doing it was so nice!
Molly K.
So impressed with Dr Shternfeld and his office staff. I am always able to get an appointment in a timely manner that works for me... Dr Sternfeld is always so genuinely calming and extremely thorough. I have been going to him for 20 years and highly recommend...A++ Dr!
Tracey K.
Dr Shterfeld, Diane and all the office staff are professional and caring individuals. I have been a patient for over 10 years, with allergy shots and then some surgeries. My mother-in-law was having issues with nose bleeds due to oxygen use. I was able to get her in to see the Dr within an hour, and he was able to help her right away. Squeezing a totally new patient in quickly is unheard of in most practices. Dr Shterfeld, I feel, went above and beyond.I have also seen both Audiologists, (I wear hearing aids). Once I had an issue, I got in to see Jeanne quite quickly to resolve it.If you can't hear the world is not a forgiving place, so I am thankful for this practice. I highly recommend Manchester ENT.
Cheryl U.
I came to this office because I had actually stopped breathing during an endoscopy, and when they tried to get an airway through my nose, they could not which complicated things further. The doctor here indicated that my turbonates were swollen and I could be helped with a fairly noninvasive procedure while uncomfortable and a little odd. The procedure did not really cause more than discomfort the first day and then healed, fairly quickly with immediate results. I notice my breathing was so much better even while healing from the procedure. It’s amazing how you don’t realize you’re not doing something well until you can, the staff was wonderful at explaining everything during each step and follow up. A bad case of sleep apnea is what caused me to stop breathing under anesthesia but I have so much more peace of mind knowing at least my nasal airway. Is that much better now
Kathleen S.
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