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Why Choose Us over the Big Box Stores

We know it is becoming more difficult to navigate the hearing healthcare world. We want to give you some insight. You need to know that where you go for these
services can significantly differ in the qualifications of the service providers, the quality of products AND the quality of follow-up services.

Service providers differ depending on where you go

Service providers may be Audiologists, hearing aid dispensers or audio technicians. Audiologists have the highest level of education in hearing healthcare. At the Manchester Hearing Center, we have two Audiologists on staff and they are Doctors of Audiology.

Products differ depending on where you go

If you go to a Big Box store, only certain products will be offered to you. If you go to Miracle Ear or Beltone, you will only be offered their products. If you come to Manchester Hearing Center, you will be offered the product that best suits your hearing loss and your hearing needs. We work with most of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the industry, but are not restricted to using any one of them.

Follow up services differ depending on where you go

Follow up services are critical to successful hearing aid use. When a hearing aid stops working, or you need a quick adjustment, you need to be seen in a timely manner. You should expect accountability and availability. If you have to wait weeks or even months to be seen, that is precious time you will not be hearing family and friends. Most days, we have two audiologists in the office seeing patients simultaneously. This ensures that when you have a problem, we can see you in a day or so to get you back to hearing.

Hearing aids are an important investment. They enable better communication and can make life easier and more enjoyable, but where you shop for your hearing aids is almost as important as what type of hearing aid you purchase.

Listed below are some Cons for using the Big Box Stores to take care of your Important Hearing needs.

1. Service:

Cons: Because big chain stores are balancing their time between multiple interests, they might not have a hearing aid specialist on staff or even a certified audiologist. Also when first getting hearing aids, a patient needs to see the audiologist frequently for adjustments.

2. Repair:

Cons: Service may be limited to certain days the hearing instrument section is opened and patients still have to contend with other customers. Also, if you happen to be in a place without a big chain store, follow-up service might be difficult to obtain.

3. Price:

Most shoppers find in the end that prices are often comparable but the Big Box stores can’t give you everything Manchester Hearing Center can. For example MHC offers more than just a hearing aid with their price, including service, fittings, cleaning, batteries, and repairs for an extended period.

4. Choices:

Cons: In general big chain stores tend to stock hearing aids that are a few years behind the choices available at an audiologist’s office. They also offer a limited supply, but this is their business model and works well to keep down costs. This isn’t always a bad thing. However, it is something to consider if you are interested in a wider, more up-to-date variety.

5. Overall:

It should be noted that big chain stores are not the place to go for overall hearing health. They are selling hearing aids, and that means that other hearing issues are best dealt with at your audiologist or ENT office. There are balance issues and numerous conditions that can be associated with hearing loss that are best identified and recognized by a hearing health professional, such as an audiologist or ENT.

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